Le Specialità

With more than 40 years of experience and after having become one of the most historic restaurants and pizzerias in Milan, Le Specialita’ is the meeting point of every Italian celebrity due to their delighting cuisine. Now, El Hotel Pacha Ibiza celebrates its arrival to the island as a Pop Up experience that has brought their renowned Italian chefs to let our guests relish truly Italian dishes and their unique pizzas. 

Taste the experience

Refined dining, luxurious setting, Pacha soul; let yourself be carried away by our charm and Italian flair at Le Specialità every night from 8 pm to 2 am. Taste our unique thin, crispy pizzas fired in our imported handmade oven, alongside other classic Italian dishes made with the finest ingredients.

The menu

Since 1977, Le Specialita’ has been offering a wide selection of classic Italian dishes and their reinterpretations, always in the name of respect for tradition and the search for raw materials of the highest quality. 

After more than 40 years delighting its clientele, the Milanese restaurant is known for its unique method of preparing pizzas, which has captivated the most famous celebrities' palates through its unrivalled recipe and the most sought-after ingredients. 

So, whether you are a pizza, meat or fish lover, prepare your taste buds to be astound by this exclusive experience. 

Have a look at the curated menu and come try the island's most exclusive pizzas along with the rest of some delicious Italian specialities! 

The Oven

Here is one of Le Specialità’s keys for success! 

Their pizzas and some of their dishes are prepared in a rustic wood-fired oven, specially brought to Milan to boost their unique flavours. 

Undoubtedly offering a full experience for your palate.